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Nick Le Page

Hi, I am Nick a middle aged Computer Programmer, who was born and raised in Looe, Cornwall. 

This site will hopefully help you to plan a great holiday, and give you all the information that you need about Looe and the surrounding area


My Story

Hi, my name is Nick, and my family has a long history of living in Looe. My mother’s side of the family have lived in the general Looe area for many, many generations, and my father’s side of the family moved there over 60 years ago. (So still not classed as locals yet!).

Raised, in the Sunrising area, I attended the junior school when it was in West Looe, walking every day, come rain or shine, from the top of East Looe to the far side of West Looe.

After this, I went to Looe Comprehensive School in Sunrising, with a much shorter walk every day.

I still have very close ties with Looe as most of my friends and family live in the Looe area, although I am not a full-time resident anymore. (Due to the terrible work situation in the Cornwall Area)

Miss Clements Class – Looe Primary 1972-73

Fancy Dress 1989

Hannafore Beach 1974

Quayside 1980

Hannafore Beach 1976

About Me

Hi, I am a middle-aged man. I have been a Computer Programmer / Consultant for my entire career, spanning almost 30 years. I have recently decided to try to live a “Digital Nomad” lifestyle rather than working the corporate 9-5 life. To try to fund my new lifestyle I am currently trying to build some affiliate websites like this one.

I do not really know what I am doing yet,  but I am hoping my past experience and knowledge will give me and advantage over some of my competitors. I am currently living and working from the Philippines which is incredibly cheap, the people are wonderful and nearly all speak English. I am not enjoying the wet season so much!

Looe Beach 1972

Looe Beach 1980

Quayside 1980

Looe Street 1987