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In medieval times the tin mines of Cornwall were very important and valuable, as tin along with copper, was one of the ingredients for making bronze. This meant that a lot o wealth was built up in the area, and at the time lead to some beautiful castles being built.

The best castles to visit when you are in Cornwall are described below:


Map Of Cornish Castles

Caerhays Castle

Approximate Build Date: 1807
Location: Caerhays Estate, Gorran, St Austell, PL26 6LY
Phone: 01872 501310

Caerhays Castle is Cornish for “Enclosed Castle”, and was built by John Bettesworth-Trevanion between 1807 and 1811, and architected by John Nash. Unable to pay for the Castles construction and other bills, John absconded to Paris.

Even though the Castle was built in the 17th Century it has the appearance of a Norman Castle, built from rough stone locally quarried. The front of the Castle has a defensive parapet , with rectangular to allow for the launch of arrows etc. when defending the Castle.

Parts of the original manor built in 1380 also remain, including the Chapel, and Watchhouse Walk the original walkway to the sea. Caerhays Castle also features in some of the “Poldark”

The Castle also has a wonderful 120 acre garden, with over 500 types of plants including over 250 different kinds of rhododendron, and one of the largest collections of Magnolias in England

In 1988 the Castle was given the status of Grade 1 listed building.